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Austin Healey Sprite

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1/ Bonnet Centre Section BP065

2/ Front Valance (outer only) BP063

3/ Airbox Complete BP064
(includes 4,5,6,7)

8/ Bonnet Stay Bracket R/H  BP074

9/ Bonnet Stay Bracket L/H  BP075

10/ Bonnet Support  Bar  BN18

11/ Wing Beading  BP090 (includes 13)

12/ Wing Beading  BP090 (includes 13)  11 & 12 are not handed

13/ Beading Repair Section-short  BP090R

14/ Front Wing R/H  BP068

15/ Front Wing L/H  BP069

16/ Striker Plate R/H  BN09   (numbered as 18 also-on illustration)

17/ Striker Plate L/H  BN10

19/ Cover ‘A’ Post Outer R/H  BP084

20/ Cover ‘A’ Post Outer L/H  BP085

21/ Scuttle Top  BP087

22/ Bulkhead Hinge Panel  BP087B

23/ ‘A’ Post Inner R/H BP043

24/ ‘A’ Post Inner L/H  BP044

25/ ‘A’ Post Inner Top R/H BP043A

26/ ‘A’ Post Inner Top L/H BP044A
This part (A Post Inner Top L/H BP044A) is unavailable at present but please phone for more information’.

27/ Door-skin R/H  BP093

28/ Door-Skin L/H  BP094

29/ Inner Sill L/H  BP005D (R/H not on illustration BP005C)

30/ Outer Sill L/H BP005B (non-genuine panel) BP005HL is a Heritage panel also R/H not on illustration (BP005A non-genuine) (BP005HL Heritage panel)

31/ Rear Wing R/H BP076

32/ Rear Wing L/H  BP077

33/ ‘B’ Post R/H BP050

34/ ‘B’ Post L/H  BP051

35/ Rear Body Centre Section  BP082

36/ Wing Beading Repair Section-short BP090R (enough to repair item 39 also)

37/ Wing Beading BP090

38/ Wing Beading BP090

39/ Wing Beading Repair Section BP090R (enough to repair item 36 also)

40/ Inner Wheel Arch ‘snail’ R/H BP054 (L/H BP055 not illustrated)

41/ Intermediate Wheel Arch L/H  BP057 (R/H BP056 not illustrated)

42/ Post to Arch Support R/H BP052

43/ Post to Arch Support L/H BP053

44/ Boot Floor Panel  BP047

45/ Rear Floor to wing closure R/H BP048

46/ Rear Floor to wing closure L/H BP049



Basic monocoque without exterior panels - the idea of this stage is that it is suitable for home restorers who do not have the jig facilities, but are capable of fitting their own exterior panels. Price: £4395.00 + VAT
Stage 1 plus rear shroud and rear wings fitted. The advantage of this stage is that no welding is needed and only requires the bonnet and doors to be fitted to it. Price: £6715.00 + VAT
Stage 2 plus bonnet and doors. This stage is the complete bodyshell. Price: £9860.00 + VAT